It is funny how life can surprise you when you don’t expect it at all. There are so many signs all around us, that show us if we are doing it right or maybe a little (or a lot) missed our paths. Those signs are shown in such amazing and incredible shapes that sometimes it can be even a bit scary. They are shown as a person you meet, as actions you do, as a simple object that cross your life path. Sometimes is  it even difficult to recognize them. Because they are so natural. But when you become aware about it, you can realise, that they are on every step you make.

I can tell you, what happened to me, just few days ago, when I have been enjoying my summer holidays. That sign… It was so clear and left me speechless. For a couple of hours!!! I knew right away what is going on.

Me and my boyfriend have been looking for a perfect summer holiday destination for a long time this year. We wanted something simple, natural, but at the same time nice, calming and relaxing. Just to let overselves to take some days totally off. Naturally, we used all possible web sites to find the right option for us. And each time, there was something “wrong” with the place that we found (too expensive, too far, already booked in our termin…). We have been just to give up. Seriously. But then, suddenlly, after three months or more of searching, we found a simple, nice and small apartment, only 6 hours away from our home. It was exactly what we were looking for. Even the price was OK, there were no bookings before ours… So, decision was made and we booked it. Hurray!!! When the time came, we left our home with entusiasm, but no big expectations. We were just happy about the change of environment for a few days.

And there it was. The apartment we just felt in love at first sight. Besides that the owner was super friendly. We didn’t have a lot of contacts with her for the very first day. She let us free to setlle ourselves into new temporary home. Than the second day came. We figured out that the price of our apartment isn’t so cheap like it was written on the web few months ago. You can imagine the shock. We are young, we have just moved into the new apartment together and both of us are on the very beginning of our careers. We cannot spend money recklessly. But we have been saving on this holidays. We really wanted to spend some time at the seaside. And then the ugly truth – we are in the apartment that we difficultly afford. Although we had enough money with us to cover all the expenses, we didn’t want to risk (we didn’t even know if we will have enough money to get through the month when we will come back to home). Just in case, I took all my money with me – even the savings for my online study of ayurveda in USA.  I didn’t plan to spend it, because I didn’t want to loose the opportunity to finally start with this study that has already escaped me few years ago.

Fotografija osebe Barbara Lenart.

So we had that Real talk. And finally decided to shorten our holidays to save the rest of the money. Isn’t it sad, how much is everything connected with money? (But yes, I belive – it is all about your mindset about money, but more about this in some other article 😉 ). We have to inform our hosts about our decision. We were worried about their reaction or possibility that we will have to pay full price althoug we will leave earlier. But then, everything matched together like puzzles.

We met our host’s husband for the first time that day. She was busy with some kitchen work, so we started to talk. It didn’t take long that both of us realised that in front of us is sitting an old man with such a wisdom, with such a knowladge that I personally was so impressed that have been recovering a few hours after that talk (because I absorbed everything like a sponge from him!!!). He was all into ancient knowladge, all into the wisdom from the East. He knew so much about ayurveda that I suddenlly felt so small and ignorant next to him. He totally understood our reasons to leave earlier and wished me all the best on my ayurvedic path. He was really happy for me.

I was impresed. I still am. Why have we meet exactly this man? Among all the offers of holiday destinations on the web – exactly him? Now I know. He was a blessed sign that I am on the right way. That I made good decisions about my life path. That I have found my true purpose on this planet. I am sooooo thankful for such signs. And thankful that I am able to recognised them.

We went home three days before planned. But with such a life lesson and blessing for the future. I am peaceful now. I am on the right way. I cannot wait to finally start with studying. I have realised that all you have to do is letting life to show you what to do. And worry about nothing.

Just relax. Breathe. And listen. Everything you should know is already here. You just have to open your eyes and ears to recive the message.

With love,


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