You have probably heard about the color. Indigo. But you cannot even define which shade is it, can you? If I tell you that there are people around you whose personality is indigo, you will say that I am a mad woman.

But no. I am not crazy or dumb. I am one of them.


For a long time I have been asking myself, WHY I am so different? WHY do I think in the other way than my mates? WHY do I see things like nobody else? Have I been born in totally wrong period of time? Am I a mistake on this planet?

These and so many other questions.  And no answers. Just kind words that everything is ok, that this is the way I am.

But it was not so easy with me. I didn’t want to accept the fact that I cannot find the answer. And here is our first feature. We don’t give up with things interesting for us. We want answers, explanation. It is connected with our high self-esteem, in which we believe that we are worthy of these answers, that we are worthy of the best. It seems like self-importance, but it so much more as that. The key problem is that often there are totally different feelings inside us, which arise from not achieving our goals. We can easily become self-hatred, depressed, with badly low esteem, psychically disorders and so on. The line between one and another isn’t huge. Because of that we can change our mood easily. We have tendency to be perfect. We’ve been born with that belief. But later in life, you found out, that you are not so perfect or that you are not perfect at all. That means falling into magic circle of self-blame and anger again.

We carry some huge amount of indescribable power. Life power. Ideas, creativity, daydreaming, visions, goals. Seeking for more, never tired. Often diagnosed with ADHD (Attention deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). We believe that we are here with mission. Mission that has to be accomplished. Other way doesn’t exist. We are not happy or satisfied with world that we see. We want changes, because world needs them. We put our energy into projects, tasks that many people see as boring, unworthy or stupid. We don’t. Because of that we like to work alone. We are loners.

But we do comparing. We love the fact that we are the best. But not for just momently feeling of pleasure. We compete because of inner peace or some deeper reason of self- improvement.

We were born with some deep wisdom, intelligence. That doesn’t mean that we need to be good students. We have our special spheres where we carry some knowladge for which we don’t know from where we got it. We just know some certain things or talk about them like about today’s lunch. It can be scary.

We often hear that we have an old soul. That we are born in new bodies and carry our old wisdom with us. You can recognize the soul like this by her gaze. Yes, the soul has her gaze. We can stare with some depth inside our eyes. People say that they cannot look away, that we can perform magic. And that it’s calming for them. Like they found something, that has been lost many years ago or not even in that life. We are reflection. Reflection of some ancient traditions, religions, lives. And people feel that.

Our soul is gifted. Each of them in the different way. You can find us between actors, spiritual healers, doctors, scientists, performers, writers and so on. If we found out what we do well, we can be really, really good. And we usually don’t learn those things. We just can and know that.

Like I said, we are seeking for the better world. And in our work, there are results intended to this mission. We have a huge reluctance to hierarchy, to everything separated into groups of better and inferior ones.  We will do anything to break this boundary line between people. We even don’t like authority, especially above us. These things lead us in some kind of madness, feelings of unfreedom. If we see some social tradition as bad, we will try to break it down.

Yes, I admit. We are rebels. Rebels with the best purpose you can imagine. We are just too much sensitive to do against well-being on the planet. When we feel we do it passionately and it is not matter if it is pain or pleasure. That shows how close we are to our true being. We can easy fall into deep meditations, self-conversation. Even more – we are able to see things, to hear voices. We are the ones, who talk to invisible creatures, ghosts and spirits, ones who see auras. We can easily experience out-of-body experiences and have a great intuition. We feel sth when others don’t even think about. These can be very helpful in life situations, but on the other hand even difficult. Who is gonna believe us?

Our bodies are so much sensitive. A lot of us are allergic to many nowadays food ingredients. We are often vegetarians or just have to watch carefully on our diet to not make imbalances in our bodies. I know some of my indigo-mates who are totally gourmet. They have sooooo specific taste for food. It’s incredible. I will talk about that in some other posts. But it’s not just about the food. Even cosmetics, clothes, technology can disturb our health. We love to live natural life. We love to live in connection with pure nature and we look for it if we are in some urban area for a very long time. You won’t see indigo person in the center of big shopping center for a long time. We don’t like to go there. Because there is that smell and heavy air that cannot leave us to breathe.

And we have to breathe. We can live from that. And from love.

This is the topic I left for the last. LOVE. I read once, that there is no love such as indigo love. So be aware when you are falling in love with an Indigo. We will love honestly, passionately and forever. We are able to love more people at the same time and more than we love, more love we create. We believe that love is healer. The best one. And maybe, just maybe – Indigo is love. Love expressed as human.

You don’t become Indigo. You are born like this. You grow up from indigo child to an indigo adult. And the whole your life is a little battle against rush, impatience and other little things, which ruin our world. So, don’t judge a kid, who will react in some other way that you are used to. Because maybe he sees things different. And maybe he has right.

Being Indigo is a gift. Be grateful. Be open to it. We are here with the reason.

With love,





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